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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Poem By Alex: Moshi Twistmas poem

I wake up to listen to my monster,

part 1. Unwraping all we´ve got I hear pepoles carrols as a slimey angel sings.

part 2.We jingle and mingle around the campfire to sing a campfire song.

part 3.The singing never stops like Its buzzing around my head Eating chewy Marshmellows I dont want this to end.

part 4.We woosh around the christmas tree singing merry songs as one light turns on and off.

part 5.We go to bed and take of our slippers and wonder what we will get.

part 6.At morning we slip our slippers on And swing down the stairs to see glitery gifts shining in the tree.

part 7.We merrly go down the steps as the song is to be sung.

part 8.Its Twistmas Its Twistmas Its Twistmas ITs TWISTMAS ITS 

part 9. yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum
as  we eat our  twistmaslunch!

part 10.we joyfully sing as the day goes by Good bye!

twistmas poem made by Alex a grate follower of Moshi play
xxx.Good luck!

Posted by:Marylou jamie and Tiffany blake
we apreaciate ALEX that you are a grate fan of moshi Play and moshi monsters as that you wished that instead of getting one month membership Because you came 1st place You were willing to give other pepole a big chance to get a membership we looked at all that were sent and we chose yours as you were willing to give pepole a chance as your heart of gold we are very sorry To those who dident get a chance But They were all fantastic it took me all day Because they were 102 e-mails we apriciate and thank every one who joined in our competision! We will decide 2nd and 3rd later on but thats all If we could show you the e-mail in the blog we would love to! 

dear tiffany blake and mary lou jamie I love your website and thankyou marylou I got your message that i won! But if I come  1st,2nd or 3rd I would like Instead of having those prizes I would like my Poem to be posted And Tiffany Please awncer so I can know!I am not sure yet if I am 1st,2nd or 3rd but I am happy to be chosen one of these! And thankyou Tiffany about all those messages about the new blogs on Moshi play and events on moshi monsters I am happy to know this site its good and helpfull I enjoyed Making the twistmas poem and merry Twistmas! xxxxx singed Alex kent

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