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Thursday, 29 December 2011

2nd And 3rd In the weekly competision

Well hallo! We have dicided the 2nd and 3rd in the weekly competision Of this week and the winners are swit carot and MaryAnn kent We got a e-mail by mary ann kent telling me that Alex kent was her sister so we gave Her one month membership because Alex dicided that her sisters poem was very good because it was second Mary ann was very happy But was willing to share a membership whith some one if Any of you want one month membership they will have it But They have to comment in this blog The first comment will be rewarded Only if there blog was worth it but will swit carot make it to the membership because she did hers very neatly even aded a picture that she drawed she alsow  had alittle chat whith me by conntact saying she is willing if she passes the finish line to share the rox codes and furniture that was passed by mary ann To her so she will be willing To share if every one who wants those codes send me their email by commenting I'll send it To them there is no limmit you dont have to enter the competision because it is to late so we give a chance to every one we will stop sending the e-mails at 31 of july Aswell that is the moshi play birthday and so is mine Tiffany blake If you would like to send birthday cards on tiffany´s Birthday e-mail her you Write to and put it happy birthday Tiffany! From:Forexamplemini
and name it Happy birthday from a fan of moshi play or of you want to send it to mary lou her birthday is on 30 december and send it to and put your name and name it happy birthday marylou from a fan of moshi play and you can add pictures There will be no posts on 31 of july and 8th of october so dont wait for the daily post!!!!

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