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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Moshi monster Info:

How do I care for my monster?

Every monster needs food and entertainment to keep it healthy and happy, just like anyone else. To buy food and other monster stuff, you need Rox, the currency of Monstro City. Play puzzles by clicking on the puzzle button to the left of your door. The more puzzles you answer correctly, the more Rox you'll earn!
You can also play with a monster by tickling it. Take care though - nobody likes being tickled too much..

What are Rox?

Rox are the Moshi Monsters equivalent of money. You can see how many you have on the Rox icon to the left of the screen. To spend your Rox, head to the street by clicking on the map button. From here, you can get to all the different shops.
Once you click into a shop you can browse what's on sale and select an item to learn more about it. Each shop's selection is always changing, so keep checking back! Once you buy an item, it will appear in your monster's inventory chest.

How do I earn Rox?

You can get Rox in a few ways. Each day, you can play Challenge Puzzles by clicking the puzzle button in your room. You can only play them once a day, but they're a really good way to get Rox!
You can earn more by playing around Monstro City. Flex your fingers in the power station or the flutterby fields and rack up those Rox.

How do I feed my monster?

When you are in the monster's home, click on the chest icon to open the inventory and see all the items you own. Drag and drop a piece of food onto your monster to feed it. Food can't be placed into the home itself, it must be given directly to the monster.

How do I decorate my house?

From your house, click on the chest icon to open up the inventory. You can then drag and drop items in and out of the room.
Some items in your room can't be moved or removed, but they can be swapped for new ones. Swappable items include the door, windows, wallpaper and flooring. Dragging a new choice into the room will replace the old one.

What are my monster's health and happiness?

Your health and happiness show how your monster is feeling. To keep your monster healthy, you need to feed it. Different foods have different effects on your monster, so remember to try them all and watch your health meter!
Keeping your monster happy is a key part of caring for it. Your monster will become happier when you buy it stuff from the shops as well as when you feed it. It'll also become really happy if you do well on a puzzle game. You can improve your monster's mood by tickling it too!
Remember to visit your monster often to keep its health and happiness high. Otherwise, it might become grumpy or even a little ill.

How do I level up?

The more you play with your monster, the faster you will level up.
You earn points to your next level by playing the Challenge and Training Puzzles, the minigames on the street and by decorating your room. You'll get the most points from playing the Challenge Puzzles.
You can see how far you are away from the next level by looking at the progress bar below your level number. Just remember, you can't level up unless your monster is feeling well enough!
You can only earn a certain number of points a day - this lets us keep the game fair for all monster owners!

What does my monster's mood mean?

Your monster's mood will change depending on how well you're treating your monster. You can see how it's feeling at the moment using the mood icon to the left of the screen.

What do the four-leaf clovers mean in the shop?

If you see a four-leaf clover in the shop, it means you've found a rare item. Make sure to snap them up as they only appear every so often!
Each rare item has a little clover telling you how rare it is - bronze means rare, silver means very rare and gold ones are super rare. If you manage to get a super rare item, remember to show it off in your room!

What is the Friends Tree?

The Friends Tree lets you keep a buddy list of other Monster Owners so you can visit their homes and keep track of your monster friends easily.
As you add friends, your tree will grow and sprout more branches!

How do I find my friends?

You can search for your friends by clicking on the "Add a new friend" button on your Friends Tree. You must enter the exact Monster Owner name to find your friend. Once you've found your friend, just click the "Add" button to send a friend request to them.
If you're looking at your friend's room, you can click on their Friends Tree to send them a friend request.

How do I know I've got a friends request?

When someone adds you as a friend, you need to confirm that you want to be friends with them. When you have a friend request, your Friends Tree will shake its branches and an exclamation mark will appear on the tag in the pot.
To see your friend requests, click the tree. The requests will be highlighted in orange and you can then choose to add the friend, not add them or block them from contacting you again.

How many friends can I have?

Non-members may have a maximum of 500 friends. Any unanswered friend requests that you've sent will count towards this total.

What is my Monstar Rating?

Your Monstar Rating shows how popular your monster is in Monstro City. The more friends and other owners that visit your home, the more popular you'll become. You start at Z and can climb all the way up to become an A-List Monstar.

How often can I rate a room?

You can rate any other monster's room once a day, so if you really like it, go back and rate again the next day! Take a look around a monster's room, see how the owner has decorated and then choose your number of stars.

Where do I enter the secret code I got with my MoPod or Arby's deck?

When you go to the sign in page, there's a box that lets you enter your secret code. When you arrive at your room, you'll find your exclusive accessory in your inventory ready to be placed wherever you like!
If you have more codes, just enter one each time you sign in to get another accessory.

What is the pinboard?

The pinboard allows you to send and receive messages to and from your friends. Head to their room, click their pinboard and you'll see all the messages people have left them. It's easy to leave your own and you can even change the design of your note. You may have 128 messages on your board. If you approve any more, the oldest message will be deleted.

How can I stop someone from contacting me again?

If you want to prevent someone from contacting you in the future, click the block button on their friend request. If they continue to bother you, please contact us at Monster HQ.

How can I unblock someone I've blocked before?

If you decide to unblock someone, just request them as a friend.

What's a Moshi Member?

Adopting a Moshi Monster is free but becoming a member gets you exclusive access to all sorts of cool extras like exclusive Moshlings, thousands and thousands of friends, coloring your monster and more.
To find out more and see what else you'll get, check out our membership page.

How do I become a Moshi Member?

It's simple to become a Moshi Member and get access to all the members-only features. Visit our membership page to find out more!

I need help with my membership.

If you have any questions about your membership, please contact our membership customer support team at, who will be happy to help you.

How do I cancel my membership?

We're sorry to hear that you want to cancel your membership. Please visit our cancellation page where we guide you through the process.

Why is my Daily Challenge already completed today? I haven't played it yet!

There are two possible answers.
First, the puzzles are reset every 24 hours, 6am GMT. That's 1am in New York City, Midnight in Chicago and 10pm in Los Angeles.
Second, someone may be on your account and doing your puzzles each day. This is why you should NEVER share your password with anyone, not even your sibling or best friend.

What are Moshlings?

Moshlings are little pets for your monsters that are found in the wild places around Monstro City. They really love flowers, and if you grow the right ones, they'll become your life long friend.

How can I get a Moshling?

Visit your garden from the map and grow 3 flowers. When they've grown you'll see if you've attracted a Moshling. If you haven't, don't worry, the Cluekoo will help you out.
Some Moshlings are easy to catch and will be attracted by any color of flower, but the really rare Moshlings are picky, and you can only attract them if you get the exact flower colour right.

Help, I can't get a Moshling!

If the Cluekoo is giving you hints about a rare or ultra rare Moshling, you know it's going to be reeeeally hard to get. If you don't want to go after that Moshling, just dig up your plants and try again.
Sometimes the best way to find a Moshling is to plant 3 random seeds. You never know what you might find!

What do I need to play Moshi Monsters?

You'll need a broadband internet connection, as well as Flash Player 10, which is free and runs inside your internet browser. Check out our Tech Support page for more information.
You also need Javascript and cookies enabled. Don't worry if you don't know what these are, but if you have problems, check with a parent or friend. Of course, you can always contact the Moshi Monsters team if you are still stuck.

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

If you've forgotten your password, you'll need to reset it by visiting this page. We'll ask for your owner name and the email address you signed up with and send you a link to where you can choose a new password.

What do I do if I'm having trouble playing Moshi Monsters?

Email us at and someone from Monstro City will get back to you as soon as possible.
Sometimes we do updates in Monstro City that will work much better if your cache is clear (this is true all over the web, as well). It's a good idea to clear your cache once a week. Here's how.

What are Moshi Membership cards?

Moshi Monsters Membership cards are a great way to pay for your Moshi membership and make a fangtastic gift for any Moshi Monsters fan! The Moshi Monsters Membership card gives you access to all usual membership only features. There's no online purchase needed, just purchase your card in-store and follow the instructions to activate your Moshi Membership!

Why can't I activate my Moshi Membership card?

If your card isn't working, be sure to bring it back to the store where you purchased it, as they can help you activate your code so you can get all the cool benefits of a being a Moshi member.

Where can I purchase Moshi Membership cards?

For a list of stores where you can purchase a Moshi Monsters Membership card visit
Please note, the card will only be available in limited quantities initially within specific countries so stay tuned to the Daily Growl for news of when the cards will be available near you!

Can I switch my Moshi Membership card to a credit card?

As soon as your month purchased with your Moshi Membership card has expired, you can either buy another Moshi Monsters Membership card and activate it or you can use a credit card to purchase a 1 month, 6 month or 12 month renewing membership. After logging into your Moshi Monster account, go to the Membership page and choose the package you wish to renew with.

Can I cancel my Moshi Membership card?

There is no need to cancel your Moshi Monsters Membership card. At the end of the period your card will automatically cancel and your account will be set back to a default "non member" account.

Can I activate more than one Moshi Membership card?

No, only one card may be activated on each separate account at any one time. If you have multiple cards for a single account then you must wait until your card expires before activating the new membership card.

Can I purchase Moshi Membership cards for other people?

Yes, that's what makes them so great! They make perfect gifts for friends and family.

Help! I got an error message when activating my Moshi Membership card!

There is a problem with your code. - Check that you have typed the code correctly! - Check your code and retype it. Your code will consist of 10 numbers.
This code is already active! - This card number has already been activated. Check your email and see if the membership was processed.
This code has not been activated for use. - Return to the shop you purchased the card from. - Something may have gone wrong when your card was purchased. Return to the shop where you purchased the card and see if they can get the card activated for you.
There was a technical problem. - Please try again later. - Please email us at We will follow up with you as soon as we get the issue sorted.
You must sign in to activate your code! - You have to be signed into your Moshi Monster Owner account to activate your Moshi Membership card
Your membership expires on DATE. - Redeem your code after your current membership has expired! - You are still a member from your last purchase. Wait until your current membership expires before you enter your new Moshi Membership card number.
Error! Cannot enter characters! - You have already entered the maximum number of digits!
Error! Code too short! - Check your code and retype it. Your code will consist of 10 numbers.

How do I get more rooms for my monster's house?

Use the map to visit the New Houses! shop on Ooh La Lane. You can buy up to 4 more rooms for your house. Every room you buy will make your house taller!
You have to be a Moshi Member to buy extra rooms.

How do I get to my other rooms?

Click the door in your room to go to the outside of your house. The more rooms you have, the taller your house will be.
Roll over each floor of the house and you'll see the inside of that room. Then just click the room you want to go to.

How do I get to Monstro City? Where's the map gone?

The door now leads to the outside of your house. To get to Monstro City and the shops, click the Map button above the treasure chest icon.

How do I change the look of my house?

Visit the New Houses! shop on Ooh La Lane. Then click "Buy a Style For Your House". You can get tons of different looks, but you can only own one style at once. When you buy a new style, it will replace your old one.
Turn your house into a treehouse, a skyscraper or even a princess castle!

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