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Saturday, 31 December 2011

New year story

Well happy new year eve! we hope you have the best new year from all the crew of moshi play   This story was made by Alex Kent and MaryAnn Kent
Our number one fans Have made this Expectacular story We hope you like it!

part one
In all moshi monsters every Monster was very busy.Specialy marylou and Tiff But they kept on putting the decoraitions because nothing was gouing to stop them.Then mama Blake went up to see Tiff because she was very busy.Tiffany sighed She still had one hour or four! Mama blake dicided This katsuma Has been to busy or my name I'sent Mama Blake! Tiffany sighed and huged her mum happly.But at marylou's house It wasent gouing well ''MARYLOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' marylou giggled and came down ''yes mama Jamie?'' Mama jamie laughed and said ''Happy new year!'' Marylou smiled meekly and went back up.Then Ann the Poppet barged down the stairs Ann was marylou's sister.At Tiffanys house Tobby Laughed Then said ''My sweet girlfreind Ann!'' Tiffany laughed ''ANN ANN ANN! ANN ANN ANN ANNN ANNN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My bestfreinds Sister!!!!!!!'' Tobby smiled and went back up.

Sorry but the story will have to continue :( ): But we hope you have a fantastic  New year!!!

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